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Woodenheads Gourmet Pizza

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I will be very blunt and honest when I say that we have been waiting quite excitedly for our trip to Woodenheads. We have been before and love it. We will go again. Keep reading to find out why...

Woodenheads is one of those places that is always busy. If you want to go - you're better to make a reservation if you can. Situated on Ontario street, it sees a lot of foot traffic in warmer months, and arguably doubles in size as they open 2 patios (one out front, on in the back) to accommodate. Don't be mistaken, though - Woodenheads certainly sees its fair share of customers year-round. Specializing in gourmet pizza, one quick glance at the menu and you'll see that they have come up with a large number of topping options to suit the interests of any diner. What's more - they also have delicious salads, appetizers, and other main course options including fish, chicken and beef - just in case you don't want something pulled from their specialty wood-firing oven (which, for the record, everyone should experience at least once).

Inside Woodenheads, the decor is simple and elegant. The restaurant is separated into two levels that are divided by a wooden rail with silver spindles.  A colourful mural climbs the wall where a staircase cuts into the space from outside of the restaurant. Other walls are accented by exposed brick and limestone, and the front of the restaurant allows light to flood inside from outdoors with floor to ceiling windows. And the pizza oven? It's impossible to miss but certainly not an eye sore, as the brick dome seems to almost be growing out of the floor as a natural focal point in the back left corner of the restaurant (the oven also does a good job of hiding the entry way to the kitchen, which, in any restaurant is perhaps one of the least attractive features). 

It is absolutely worth going to the Wooden Heads website found here so that you can gain a true understanding of exactly what they have to offer. Whether you're like me and you love pizza so much that you'll pay almost anything for it; or if you're like some of my friends and you think paying for gourmet pizza is a misdirection of your hard earned cash... I think there are options for everyone - and, most importantly, options that you won't find anywhere else. Check out what we ordered... that will give you some indication of what "gourmet" means to the owners of Wooden Heads.

Carrie: Lumpia Diavolo to start: spring rolls stuffed with blackened chicken, feta cheese and red cabbage, served with cambazola cream sauce and papaya habanero salsa. I then had the Americana pizza: tomato sauce, mushrooms, mozzarella, pepperoni and green pepper. 

Tonia: Caesar salad to start, followed by the Bambino Pizza: pesto, lemon chicken, feta, sundried tomato.

Todd: Calamari Mumbai to start: Indian spiced calamari rings simmered in tomatoes with lobster butter, served with fresh baked naan; followed by Lumpia Diavolo.

Samer: Calamari Mumbai to start, followed by Insalata Estate: roasted red potato, artichoke and mixed greens in lemon chili roast garlic vinaigrette, topped with blackened chicken breast and mustard seed sauce. 

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Our server was great - even in a packed house, he was attentive and was very knowledgable - not only about food, but also about wines and other drinks. The result - we were well watered, well fed and happy. Wooden Heads doesn't rush you along. If you're looking for a quick pizza, maybe this isn't the best spot - but it's nice because if you order multiple courses (as we always do!), you have time to chat, enjoy and digest.

Here's what we scored the food:

Carrie: 5 forks. Admittedly, I figured that would be my score before I even walked in, and I was excited... but I was also worried about being let down since my expectations were so high. Lucky for me - that didn't happen, and I was absolutely satisfied. The Lumpia were nothing short of phenomenal. I will order them every time I return, no doubt. And the pizza... I know it seems like a "simple" choice, but I tend to go simple with toppings, and was certainly very intrigued by a number of other pizzas. Beyond that, I would absolutely try the other pizzas.  Ultimately, I was craving mushrooms and cheese. This pie got me just that. Oh yeah - and the perfect amount of green peppers and pepperoni. It was perfect. All of it. 

Tonia: 5 forks. Tonia loved her salad and said that her pizza was delicious. She didn't have much else to say - but, really, 'nuff said.

Todd: 5 forks. Todd was also succinct in saying "My favourites in one night. Never deviate, never disappointed".

Samer: 3.5 forks. Samer thought that the calamari was good, but sadly, the salad was the weakest Samer has ever had at Wooden Heads (where, for the record, he had been 3 times in the past 2 weeks). Some of the lettuce was limp on this visit because the hot chicken was placed on to the lettuce too early, while the rest of the lettuce was crisp... made for a weird and unfortunate combination. As Samer said, though, while he has had better experiences here, we do rate on the night - c'est la vie!

Overall score: 4.63 forks. 

Can't wait to see you again, Wooden Heads...

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